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The Chemistry of Sustainable Construction


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The Chemistry of Sustainable Construction


Chemistry is the building block of construction. It’s used in almost every component of every structure—commercial, educational, infrastructure or residential. Chemistry helps save energy. Makes materials stronger. Speeds construction. The ingredients of improved sustainability.


As The Chemical Company, BASF is a leader in the construction industry. With more than 600 products serving 75 construction product categories, BASF offers the broadest portfolio of products used directly on construction sites, or integrated into other products, to improve the performance of construction projects.


Whether new construction, retrofit or historical restoration, BASF chemistry makes a significant contribution to improved performance.


Improved energy efficiency. Increased durability. Speed of construction. For more than half a century, our construction solutions and chemical ingredients have helped architects, engineers, designers, contractors, owners, builders and original equipment manufacturers make construction projects better with material choices that are proven to make a tangible difference to the performance of construction projects throughout their entire lifecycle.


Why? Because sustainability loves chemistry. Chemistry between elements in the lab that combine to create high-performance materials. Chemistry between systems on the job site that combine to create high-performance structures. Chemistry between stakeholders on the design team that come together to set and exceed performance goals for their construction projects. Through innovation, education and collaboration.


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