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HP+ Wall System: Designed for Performance

BASF, in conjunction with Building Science Consulting, Inc. performed testing specifically designed to investigate multiple factors that contribute to thermal performance, including thermal bridging, temperature effects, and airflow interactions.

Key Findings from Thermal Metric Test Data

  • It reduces the risk of condensation- the air leakage condensation risk at the interior face of the spray foam is minimized because it is kept warm due to its placement in the system. Research has shown systems like HP+TM Wall System have 95% less risk of condensation compared to typical walls.
  • It provides an airtight enclosure component, one of the keys to creating an efficient and durable enclosure system.
  • The whole wall thermally outperforms walls with full cavity insulations, even in 2 x 6 construction. Its effective R-value is closest to its labeled R-value of any of the tested assemblies.

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